Friday, January 12, 2018



Lysol Wipes

View into Class the coming weeks:

History: Students will continue the study of the American Revolution. They will study the early beginnings of George Washington, and see how he was formed into a great leader. Next, students will read about the beginnings of conflict, as the British Parliament levies tax after tax upon the colonists. .

Science:  Students will study geology. They will begin their study by learning that the earth is composed of different layers. They will move on to studying about why tectonic plates move and the three types of boundaries. During week 2, they will continue their look at plate tectonics, including the theory of Pangaea, and earthquakes. Next, they study volcanoes.

Language Arts: Spalding phonics continues. In grammar, students will continue the classifying and diagramming of sentences. They will write another three-paragraph essay.  In Literature, students will read Prince Caspian.

Math: Students will  continue a unit on geometry. They will then move on to decimals